We accept returns within seven days of arrival. If you receive this item and find any errors, please contact us as soon as possible. Take a picture and describe any errors you found. Do not scratch the watch; remove the chain, cut the leather strap or adjust it in any direction.

You can probably find loose parts started by shipment. However, we are pleased that the watch was returned and repaired. Anyway, you can waste some time doing them yourself by contacting us to fix the first one.

Return the watch after seven days for your money back.

Sorry, our watch does not come with a watch box. If you want a box, Please purchase separately. We have replica watch boxes for sale.

You must turn the knob counterclockwise to set the time. If the watch is a crew lock, the button should be pulled gently and gently. You can easily do this with your first and second fingers, using the knuckle as a lever to pull out the button. Apply as little force as possible. You will feel a slight “click” when you’re done. Turn the knob counterclockwise to set the time. Turn the minute hand forward until you set the correct time. Then turn it clockwise a few turns and press the return button.

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